Col. Poole's Media Gone Hog Wild Page

Col. Poole's has been featured in the media again and again.  Here is just a sample of how Col. Poole has helped to bring a taste of the south to the world!
CBS CNN (6 times!) Chattanooga TV-3
C-SPAN NBC Chattanooga TV-9
 ABC MTVCBC (Canada) Chattanooga TV-12
PBS CBC (Canada) Atlanta TV-46
Turner South Atlanta TV-2 Australian National TV
Atlanta TV-5 Atlanta TV-11  
WLJA-FM (Ellijay) Ludlow Radio Kicks 101.5 FM(Atlanta )
WDUN Radio
Al Franken  
Time National Geographic (Mar 2000) Georgia on My Mind
Newsweek Southern Living (April 1998) Canada Travel  
People Atlanta Magazine German Travel
US News & Report    
Georgia Travels University of GA Press
Special Events
Moby Rhubarb Jones
The Big Click The Swedish Embassy

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